A Winner Has Been Selected

Thursday, October 16, 2008

After a lot of deliberation, we've selected a winner for the first QN5 FANZINE contest. If you took the time to write an article for the competition, keep a close eye on your Inbox, because we will be contacting you.

It's funny, because we've all acknowledged that QN5 makes different types of music for different scenarios. We all have a favorite QN5 song that inspires completely different emotions. So it should be no surprise that QN5 fans channel that energy through their experiences.

It may be a cliche, but please believe that this wasn't easy. Every story brought something different to the table—which made it even more difficult to pick a winner.

While only one fan could win, we all believe it would be unfair to dismiss the work fans put in to their stories. Writers of the "close-second" articles will be contacted via e-mail with a request to share their story on QN5Zine.com.


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