It's Heeeere!

Friday, October 31, 2008

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Two months of work have culminated in the product you see here before you!

The second issue has arrived, and right on time with the schedule we anticipated. Yes... I wanted a Halloween release.

Because 10.31 = 1+0+3+1=5.

Yeah, I just made that up, but fuck it—the numbers work.

We would've had it done a week ago, but QN5 likes to post new information at the last second. Before the CunninLynguists' tour came to NY on October 16th, we thought all we needed to do was chronicle the show.

Then Kno leaks information about Chico & the Man.

We cover that and more new news... then Substantial is being considered for a Grammy nomination!

I mean, come on! We have deadlines!

Anyhow, rest assured, we worked very hard on making this issue even bigger than the first. That should be evident given the sheer size of the damn thing (yes, we still say pause).

Check the Fanzine out, and catch up on any news you may have accidentally missed.

Learn more about Da Poh Rican, tell us what you think, spread the link around, and Happy Halloween!

Congratulations to Cody, as well. E-mail that shipping address to me, man!


A Winner Has Been Selected

Thursday, October 16, 2008

After a lot of deliberation, we've selected a winner for the first QN5 FANZINE contest. If you took the time to write an article for the competition, keep a close eye on your Inbox, because we will be contacting you.

It's funny, because we've all acknowledged that QN5 makes different types of music for different scenarios. We all have a favorite QN5 song that inspires completely different emotions. So it should be no surprise that QN5 fans channel that energy through their experiences.

It may be a cliche, but please believe that this wasn't easy. Every story brought something different to the table—which made it even more difficult to pick a winner.

While only one fan could win, we all believe it would be unfair to dismiss the work fans put in to their stories. Writers of the "close-second" articles will be contacted via e-mail with a request to share their story on


Details for the Writing Contest

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We have come to the realization that the only way to properly create a fanzine is with more material from the fans. We've started to get things rolling for the next issue due out this fall, and want to increase fan involvement from this point on.

Let's start with the good stuff:



The winner will be contacted the same morning as the release of the second issue. The e-mail we send will request confirmation of the item you've selected, and a valid mailing address where we can have the shirt shipped.

Just to be clear, this also includes artist-specific shirts.

Write a story detailing what your most memorable experience as a QN5 fan has been.

Your story should include any relevant details. Was it at a show? Was it a time where you schooled someone new to the music? Helped a drunk Session roll his blunt? The first time you heard a QN5 song? et cetera.

If you have any images to correspond with your article, please include those as well.

The winning article will be selected according to how unique the story is. All submissions will be considered, but we're looking for something more creative than, "I was at my boy's house when he played this tonedeff song he downloaded."

Your article doesn't have to be a masterpiece, only coherent and fluid.

Be advised that your submission will be edited, but not for content. The soul of your story will remain.

The deadline for all submissions is October 10.

The amount of time to complete this article is sufficient, so late entries will not be considered. However, submitting an article quickly does not improve your chances for victory.

Please send everything to

Your correspondence should include:
Your real name
Forum name (if applicable)
Link to the T-Shirt you would like from (and desired size)

Only one submission per person, please. Multiple submissions will disqualify you. Be certain to place your best foot forward.

Yes, even you, you adorable little forum lurkers.

Write a story detailing an experience as a QN5 fan and submit it to The writer of the winning article will receive a QN5 t-shirt of their choice.

Please use an e-mail address you check regularly as that will be what we use to contact you upon victory.

Good luck to everyone!
We can't wait to see what you guys come up with.


QN5 Fanzine: Issue 01

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back in 2006, Qn5 Music created a limited edition fanzine to distribute at their Megashow. It was a black and white, 3x5 booklet with inside jokes for the fans, general Qn5 information, and simply, an excellent promotional piece. The problem was that Tonedeff, the label's CEO, pieced it together himself. Something with a title like "Fanzine" should be handled by fans, I'd say.

The Beginning
So nearly two months ago, I approached fans with the idea of creating an official Qn5 Fanzine. The response was overwhelming, but positive. I knew people were interested, but more people than I could manage offered interest in participating. It was tough, but I had to whittle the group down to six, including myself.

Chris Rhee of Neatfocus gave us space in the client section of his site to brainstorm ideas and share our work. I found out very quickly that coming up with ideas wasn't going to be the hard part. Before I knew it, we had so many ideas that the debut issue could have been an encyclopedia. We had to establish a focus.

Was this going to be for fans that already existed, or would this be a promotional tool for new fans?

I figured, why not both?

We found a gentle balance between offering inside jokes for veteran Blue Schoolers, and providing a glimpse into Qn5 fandom for new fans.

Creating the Content
Writing the material was the easy part. We gathered all of the notable news items from the label over the last 6 months, and summarized it into one comprehensive piece. The fictional pieces fell into place effortlessly. Influenced by QN5 Music's creativity, it wasn't too difficult to develop something original from the foundation they've already established.

The brick wall we kept arriving at was with template design. It proved to be more complex than initially expected, as we discovered a few ways not to make the fanzine. Basically, there was a lot of trial and error. But when we all got on the same page regarding the look of the issue, everything fell into place quite well.

It was a learning experience for all of us. This had been my first time undertaking such a task, so the process was new to me. All I had was a vision of how I wanted things to look.

In the end, we decided to go with two styles of the QN5 Fanzine. The primary format is a flash-based layout, complete with turning pages, sound effects, and zoom controls. That can be viewed by clicking right here.

The second format is a PDF for those that prefer Adobe Reader, or would like to print out the pages. That file is available here.

We all had a lot of fun putting this together, despite the stress. With so many varying schedules and responsibilities in life, it's satisfying to see this thing completed and out there.

I'm looking forward to the fan response, and I'm hoping we did the artists of QN5 Music proud.



Sunday, August 10, 2008

The good people at QN5 have always been phenomenal at staying close to their fans. They're just as dedicated to us as we are to them. In an effort to utilize every resource available to us, QN5 has made themselves available across the Internet.

But the Internet can be cold, dark, and scary when you're all alone. You thought you were prepared, and believed you knew exactly where to look—only to find emptiness. This is our effort to create that one-stop shop for all of your QN5 needs.

MySpace may very well be the devil in HTML, but it is probably the easiest way to stay up-to-date with your favorite QN5 Artists. For those of you looking for new music, instant tour dates, miscellaneous blog entries, or just a new friend, QN5 Music has made themselves very accessible.

QN5 Music
Extended F@mm

You may have noticed that we've placed random videos related to QN5 Music down the left sidebar. They're here for your convenience and viewing pleasure. We intend to update the rotation frequently in an effort to show-off their extensive video library.

There are over 75 videos available on QN5's Channel

It is imperative that you dress accordingly at all times. Is QN5 coming to your city for a show? Let them know you're not just there because it's something to do!

There is plenty of QN5 apparel to choose from over at The prices are great, and their shipping is insanely fast.

You have no excuse to keep wearing that dingy old thing.

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