It's Heeeere!

Friday, October 31, 2008

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Two months of work have culminated in the product you see here before you!

The second issue has arrived, and right on time with the schedule we anticipated. Yes... I wanted a Halloween release.

Because 10.31 = 1+0+3+1=5.

Yeah, I just made that up, but fuck it—the numbers work.

We would've had it done a week ago, but QN5 likes to post new information at the last second. Before the CunninLynguists' tour came to NY on October 16th, we thought all we needed to do was chronicle the show.

Then Kno leaks information about Chico & the Man.

We cover that and more new news... then Substantial is being considered for a Grammy nomination!

I mean, come on! We have deadlines!

Anyhow, rest assured, we worked very hard on making this issue even bigger than the first. That should be evident given the sheer size of the damn thing (yes, we still say pause).

Check the Fanzine out, and catch up on any news you may have accidentally missed.

Learn more about Da Poh Rican, tell us what you think, spread the link around, and Happy Halloween!

Congratulations to Cody, as well. E-mail that shipping address to me, man!


A Winner Has Been Selected

Thursday, October 16, 2008

After a lot of deliberation, we've selected a winner for the first QN5 FANZINE contest. If you took the time to write an article for the competition, keep a close eye on your Inbox, because we will be contacting you.

It's funny, because we've all acknowledged that QN5 makes different types of music for different scenarios. We all have a favorite QN5 song that inspires completely different emotions. So it should be no surprise that QN5 fans channel that energy through their experiences.

It may be a cliche, but please believe that this wasn't easy. Every story brought something different to the table—which made it even more difficult to pick a winner.

While only one fan could win, we all believe it would be unfair to dismiss the work fans put in to their stories. Writers of the "close-second" articles will be contacted via e-mail with a request to share their story on

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