Details for the Writing Contest

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We have come to the realization that the only way to properly create a fanzine is with more material from the fans. We've started to get things rolling for the next issue due out this fall, and want to increase fan involvement from this point on.

Let's start with the good stuff:



The winner will be contacted the same morning as the release of the second issue. The e-mail we send will request confirmation of the item you've selected, and a valid mailing address where we can have the shirt shipped.

Just to be clear, this also includes artist-specific shirts.

Write a story detailing what your most memorable experience as a QN5 fan has been.

Your story should include any relevant details. Was it at a show? Was it a time where you schooled someone new to the music? Helped a drunk Session roll his blunt? The first time you heard a QN5 song? et cetera.

If you have any images to correspond with your article, please include those as well.

The winning article will be selected according to how unique the story is. All submissions will be considered, but we're looking for something more creative than, "I was at my boy's house when he played this tonedeff song he downloaded."

Your article doesn't have to be a masterpiece, only coherent and fluid.

Be advised that your submission will be edited, but not for content. The soul of your story will remain.

The deadline for all submissions is October 10.

The amount of time to complete this article is sufficient, so late entries will not be considered. However, submitting an article quickly does not improve your chances for victory.

Please send everything to

Your correspondence should include:
Your real name
Forum name (if applicable)
Link to the T-Shirt you would like from (and desired size)

Only one submission per person, please. Multiple submissions will disqualify you. Be certain to place your best foot forward.

Yes, even you, you adorable little forum lurkers.

Write a story detailing an experience as a QN5 fan and submit it to The writer of the winning article will receive a QN5 t-shirt of their choice.

Please use an e-mail address you check regularly as that will be what we use to contact you upon victory.

Good luck to everyone!
We can't wait to see what you guys come up with.


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